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Open Government Plan 3.0

With your help, we have just published our Open Government Plan, Version 3.0. However, we still need to know what you think! Social Security established the Office of Open Government to develop and implement a plan outlining the agency’s open government goals, objectives, and supporting activities. We developed and published two plans (June 2010 and September 2012) based on input from the public, our employees, open government advocates and other stakeholders. This new plan contains updates on our past commitments and projects, while introducing our exciting new efforts, such as our new flagship initiative, our online Message Center, and other key initiatives including wounded warrior collaboration, health information technology and enhanced data exchange processes.

Please read our newly published plan and let us know what you think. Are there areas of focus we should expand on? What are your thoughts on:

  • Increasing Collaboration
  • Expanding Participation
  • Improving Transparency