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Help Us Create Our Next Open Government Plan 4.0

We are preparing to publish our fourth Open Government Plan this June, and want to hear from you! In 2014, we published our Open Government Plan 3.0, based on your input, which introduced exciting new efforts at Social Security, such as our new flagship initiative, Message Center. In our plan, we also outlined our efforts to improve services through expanded collaboration on wounded warrior services, health information technology and data exchanges.

How can you help?

We want to know what you think should be included in our next Open Government Plan! Do you have any ideas on how we can improve transparency, participation and collaboration at our agency? Maybe you would like us to continue doing what we have been doing, such as: expanding access to our open data, modernizing our communications, and making more online services available. Other examples of ideas to submit could include:

  • Do you have any suggestions on data that could spur innovation or understanding of our programs?;
  • Do you have any bold and innovative ideas for using open government techniques and principles to help improve our services?;
  • What other federal agencies we should collaborate with, or new initiatives we should consider?;
  • In what ways we can engage with the public to participate in the Open Government initiative?; and
  • Are there any other brand new ideas you may have for us?

We want your ideas about the actions that the agency should take to build greater transparency, participation, and collaboration into our processes. Below on this page, please share your ideas, comment on those of others, and vote on the ideas, to let us know which ideas you believe are most important.


Transparency & Public Information

The SSA has a significant public confidence problem after decades of "mis-information" on its solvency. I suggest to improve public awareness on Trust Fund solvency and low overhead operating costs: The SSA should publish, through wide spread media circulation, a monthly report on Trust Fund balances and current staff and workload operations. A similar report to DOL monthly JOBS report..

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